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3: Greek Heroes & Villains — “Millennials”

3: Greek Heroes & Villains — “Millennials” published on No Comments on 3: Greek Heroes & Villains — “Millennials”

This MaM (Myth about Myths) zine features some of our favourite Ancient Greek (and some not-so Greek) Heroes. From battling monsters, saving damsels, teaming up on fantastic adventures, to sometimes even facing off against one another. Greek Heroes were often just as confusing as (or probably as confused by) the Gods themselves.
Now, the thing about these guys, was that nearly all of them had pages and pages of epic heroism and battles and nuances to their stories. So, this is a disclaimer in advance that just by looking these up you’ll be able to have fun reading about all the silly shit they’ve done in much greater detail.
For the SUPER ABRIDGED VERSION, I’ve got you covered.

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